Tax calculators for IT-contractors,sole traders, limited companies

Our Whizzy accountants in Romford have put out easy to use tax calculators to calculate your business tax liability. Depending on the business, whether you are a sole trader, a limited company , a contractor or an employee, you can use one of our calculators related to your scenario to easily calculate the taxes you will have to pay to HMRC. Our calculators work on the intputs you provide and will calculate the tax for the financial year.

  • sole trader tax calculator for 2018-19 tax year - Use this calculator if you a sole trader and would like to know your tax liabilities for the 2018-19 tax year. You will need to enter your 2018-19 tax year's net profits for the calculator to calculate your tax liability.
  • take home salary calculator for 2018-19 tax year - If you are interested to know what your take home pay would be, you can calculate your tax take home salary for the year 2018-19 using our take home pay calculator. Just enter your yearly income and we will tell you how much take home pay you would get weekly, monthly and yearly.