DIY Company Formation

There is no point in claiming to provide FREE COMPANY FORMATION service, when you can register your company at Companies House and HMRC yourself.

We are a small business and we understand what it is to start a new business. You might want to cut corners to keep your startup costs as low as possible or have limited budget and would like to use the budget wisely to develop your company. So, if you are looking to register a company and would like to keep your costs as low as possible, you can do it yourself. The UK GOV site has a step by step wizard that helps you to register your new company. So, if you want to take that route, below are the details on how to get going.

Steps to register your company yourself

  • Check your eligibility

Use the link to start the process of setting up a new limited company using the GOV.UK service. Follow the wizard at the link by answering the simple questions. Based on your answers the service will inform you if you can use their online service to set up a company. In most of the cases, you should be able to use the online service to set up the company without any issues.

  • Setup a government gateway account

If you are eligible to start your company using the GOV.UK service, you will probably end up at this link, which informs you that you are all set to register a company. So the next step would be to create a government gateway login. This login is needed for you to use other online services related to your company in the future.

The process of creating a government gateway account is pretty much similar to any online registration process. Its a simple form where you enter your name, email and set up an account password. You will have to confirm your email but clicking on the link you recieve at your email after you have registered.

  • Enter your new company details

After you have confirmed your government gateway account, you can continue the process of your new company formation. You will be presented with a step by step wizard to enter your company details. Once you are done with all the steps you will be redirected to online payment service to pay for the service. The payment for this service at the time of this article is £12. If your payment is successful, you will recieve a payment confirmation at your registered email.

  • Wait for upto 24 hours

Once you complete the wizard and make the payment, you will normally have to wait few hours for the UK.GOV service to go through your details and approve your company formation. You will hear from them no later than 24 hours. If there are no issues with the company name you plan to use and the details you have entered, you are most probably approved and will be ready to setup your corporation tax account.

Free Company Formation

Do it yourself with these step by step instructions and register your company with Companies House and HMRC.